Hi hello!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Here’s a look into mine.

This week has been going pretty well. My group has been making really great progress on our show and I haven’t been having any issues! I started this week with my daily creates, so you can see those below.

this was one was super fun!! I spent way too long looking at different pixilated options lol
I edited this picture of me at Lewis Ginter to include a fun little chameleon friend!
I was going for an ominous narrative with this one, I’m hoping the emoji really sells it

After meeting with my group and figuring out our game plan at the beginning of the week, I turned to work on my audio assignments. I did my little bumper first, which you guys can listen to hear and in my Stories of Our Stories Radio Bumper post.

I also made this poster for our show’s promo! You guys can check out the thought process behind it in my Stories of Our Stories Promo post!

The last assignment I worked on was creating a commercial for our group’s show. This is what I spent the most time on this week so make sure to read about it in my RM’s Radio Commercial post and listen below!

The last thing on my to-do list was compiling all of my work and thoughts on the radio show into my Radio Show Progress Report post. It’ll give you the run down on our show and ideas!

My only issues this week were when Soundtrap had an error and the site was down while I was trying to work on my commercial. I just edited in Audacity and converted files when I needed to. I also had a little trouble getting my files to Madeline but we figured it out!! Other than that, this week has been very organized and smooth sailing.

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed some sunshine this week. I’m looking forward to seeing all the radio shows come together!!! Best of luck to you all 🙂

— RM

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