Hi, friends! I hope everyone is having a good week. I spent my ds106 time this week having fun and laughing with my friends. Check me out ->

These are my daily creates from this week! We had some pretty cool ones this week.

I did my remixes first this week and really liked how they turned out. My picture of the mountains might be my favorite thing from this week! You can read about it in my Cotton Candy Skies post.

My other remix was Vampire Diaries themed. I worked on the wedding invitation that I’ve already done twice and laughed a lot. You can see the other versions and read about all the fun in my Third Time’s a Charm post.

We also had some mashup assignments to do this week! I made this goofy character in my Ghost of Pink Pumpkin’s Past post. The assignment was worth 4.5 stars.

Of course, I had to keep going with the Vampire Diaries theme, so I also made this picture of Matt Donovan. You can read alllllll about it in my Matt Donovan’s Closeup post. This assignment was also 4.5 stars.

And that’s everything! This week was pretty much smooth sailing once I started having fun and playing around. I really like the remix button in the assignment bank because it brings out a lot of creativity, which made me enjoy this week. I’m excited to get to work on our final projects and see what everyone comes up with! Good luck to everyone during this final push towards the end of the semester!!

— RM

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