Hey friends! It’s been a crazy week. Working with video has been really interesting and a nice change of pace.

Here are my daily creates from this week!

I completed 11 stars worth of assignments this week in some videos!

First I made a video from the point of view of my cat. You can read about it in my POV: ur a cat post.

Keeping with the cat vibe, I made a goofy little appreciation for my cat, Buddy. Check out my Special (Pet) Montage post for more info on that! This video was also featured in UMW’s Positivity Post this week as part of the pet highlight!

The last assignment I worked on was a gag reel. You can read about my thoughts on it in my RM’s Gag Reel post, but the gist is that I’m way funnier in person I PROMISE.

I also did a video essay on The Notebook. You can read my post about it here, and check out the video!

That’s all I have for you guys! This week has been rewarding in that I learned more about iMovie and feel a lot more comfortable editing videos that way. I think the video essay was my biggest challenge because it felt a little daunting and I had a hard time finding the motivation to take it on. But, since I’m feeling better about videos and editing, I’m excited to keep working through next week!

Cheers everyone!

— RM

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