Hey guys! I don’t know about y’all but it’s been a rough week. I’ve been very busy and not very excited about my work. I think that the products from this week have been uplifting though, so I’m excited to share them with you all!

Here are my daily creates from this week, featuring a bonus round for Revealed By Shadows!

My first three video projects that I worked on can be found in the My Special People post that I wrote. I put all three together into one post because they centered around the same original assignment. They set the stage for the other project I worked on this week! You can check out the post or watch them here.

My bigger project that I worked on was making a video that narrates the story of my friendship with the three beautiful gals that I highlighted in those videos ^^ Here’s the video about our friendship and you can read all about it in my The Story of CRLL Party post!

The first three videos that I worked on this week were based on an assignment that is worth 3 stars, and the narrative video project that I made up was more work than those so I’ll call that one like 3 or 4 stars. I guess that means I did about 12 stars worth of work this week and I was really excited about it!

I wrote up some ideas about my final project too! You guys can read them in my More on RM’s Project Ideas post, but the gist is that I want to work with something music-related, and I hope to work with Maddie and Maddy again!

My biggest challenge this week has been feeling tired and drained, which I’m sure everyone can relate to at this point. It’s important to remember that we are nearing the end though! We also get to get excited about working on our final projects and reflecting on all the work we’ve done this semester. I hope you guys find some peace in all the chaos and power through. I’m looking forward to see what we all create!

— RM

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