As an English major, I’m used to looking at novels and poetry to find hidden or different meanings, but I don’t think I’ve ever approached film in that way. I was really interested in our readings/videos for this week because they introduced me to this process of treating film and video as another form of literature to be analyzed. I find myself especially interested in the design of scenes, like the way lighting and color are used, as well as the actual cuts between actors and images. It was fun to apply these kinds of observations to a short scene that I’ve seen many many times!

For my video essay, I decided to use a scene from The Notebook that has always stuck out to me. I’ve seen this movie a million times, but I wouldn’t call it a favorite or anything. I think it’s just a really iconic movie and lots of people have seen it, so it makes it all the more interesting to analyze. Also, who doesn’t love to watch Ryan Gosling, am I right? Anyways, my video essay focuses on the way shots are cut together, the use of audio, and color in a scene. I was inspired to use this scene because I’ve always noticed that Noah (Ryan Gosling) is the only person wearing black at the table, while everyone else is in white. I started with that observation and used it as a jumping off point to find other aspects of the scene for analysis.

it got copyright claimed so I hope y’all can actually see it

To make my video essay, I screen-recorded the scene on an iPad and used iMovie to do all the editing. I used a video of the actual scene for my images, and a video of the opening credits of the movie for other images and sound! After I had all the video and audio clips in iMovie, I spent a lot of time cutting and changing the speed of videos so that I could put in some voice-over of my analysis. As someone who doesn’t really understand iMovie and didn’t use it until this semester, it took me a long time to figure out how to make everything line up the way I wanted and it’s far from perfect, but I think it conveys my ideas. After I recorded all my thoughts and layered everything in iMovie and got it situated, I just uploaded it to YouTube! I got a copyright claim though, so hopefully, you guys can still actually watch it.

Hope everyone had fun this week! I’m excited to look through all the creations.

— RM

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