Hey guys! I’m back at it with some goofy design content. You may remember that I made a wedding invitation for the wedding between me and Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t seen that, you can look at my original post. I also used this design for a rework a little while back! Anyways, I’ve come back to this design assignment yet again for a remix this week. This is a remix of the Wedding Invitation assignment. Basically, the assignment asks you to create a wedding invitation in Canva and the remix asks you to add a sidekick. I was a little puzzled by this combination of ideas at first, but then I created this:

I’ve been rewatching The Vampire Diaries with my friends, Chloe and Zoe. In TVD, Alaric becomes besties with Damon Salvatore, who is my fiance for the purposes of this post. I figured he would be the perfect sidekick to incorporate into the wedding invitation. I figured I could add him and another lucky lady to the invitation so that both Damon and I would have sidekicks for our wedding. I was envisioning something along the lines of the double wedding from the Barbie Princess and the Pauper movie, which I’ll include here for reference and nostalgia purposes.

Once I had my sidekick character idea, I texted the group chat I have with Chloe and Zoe to ask if I could borrow one of their faces for a school project. They BOTH said yes, which made me laugh, so I decided to add them both in. I chose another character that Zoe really likes, Matt Donovan, to even us out into three couples for the invitation. I stole pictures of their faces from Instagram (special thanks to Chloe and her boyfriend Eli for letting me use an actual photo of them) and cropped the faces of Alaric and Matt from some other photos I found on Google. I added all of their faces into the photo that I had already made of me and Damon. Then I just pasted the photo into Canva on the design I had already saved from before! I also changed some of the font to be more red because I thought it was funny and added some little black hearts around the date.

I had a lot of fun making this and we had a lot of laughs in the group chat! It’s so goofy and silly but I also like the design of it and I liked the way the picture of all of us turned out. Here are the two previous versions of this design assignment. You can see how far we’ve come!

I hope you all get a laugh out of this like we did. I’m trying to keep things light and fun, but still incorporate things that mean something to me. We’ve been watching a show that I love so much and it gives us a chance to decompress from this crazy semester. I highly recommend the show because it really lets you escape for a little while. Anyways, have a good week everybody and try to remember to have some fun!

Be well 🙂

— RM

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