Long ago, the human race became too cocky and self-absorbed. As they disregarded the Earth and its nonhuman inhabitants more and more, the animal kingdom evolved to protect itself. There was a horrible and bloody war; many lives were lost. In the process of reclaiming the Earth for animal-kind, the human race was eradicated. The animals had the freedom to continue their evolutions, growing in knowledge and special talents. As the years passed, animals expanded beyond Earth and into space itself. Two species emerged as the most promising animals in this new reality. Lemurs conquered the United Kingdom and used the literary knowledge of the humans before them to grow their intelligence. They are now the smartest creatures in existence because of their access to English literature. In space, giraffes evolved to possess magical powers, enabling them to live among the stars and belong to no specific planet. These giraffes were also able to secure records from what once was Japan; they utilized Japanese intel to expand their power and found an identity as the Japanese Space Republic. The lemurs of the United Kingdom and the giraffes of the Japanese Space Republic have used the combination of lemur intelligence and the magical powers of giraffes to form the strongest alliance in the galaxy. Together they are the United Japanese Kingdom of Outer Space. Their alliance has created a new flag inspired by their ancient human inspiration. They are all-powerful, and they will not be stopped. They can not be stopped.

All hail the lemurs and giraffes of the United Japanese Kingdom of Outer Space!


— RM

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    1. I don’t have any connection to Japan, but I really want to travel around the UK! I went to England in high school and it would be so cool to go back. Giraffes have always been one of my favorite animals and I just think they’re really interesting looking, so that’s why I used them!

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