Hey, guys!!! Happy Friday! Work has been a little slow going this week, but I’m excited to finally show you what I made! My theme this week has been trying to tell the story of me and my friends. I’ve been trying to find something to create that I feel more of a connection to, so this seemed like a perfect direction to go in. If you haven’t already seen my My Special People post, check that out to find three different videos about three of my friends at UMW! I made those little slideshow videos as sort of a shrine to them because I love them all so much, but also to set up the video in this post that gives more of a narrative.

Our page for this week said that we didn’t have to be tied to the assignment bank, so I ran with it. I felt kind of called to do this if that makes sense? Maybe called isn’t the right word but it just needed to be done and this week has been kinda rough, so I was actually excited about doing this. Here is my video about how I met my friends, soon-to-be roomies, with some fun memories and pictures of us.

To make this video I just compiled more photos and videos of different combinations of the friend group. After moving all of these videos/photos into iMovie, I put them in an order that I thought would best fit the story of our friendship and then did a voiceover actually telling the story out loud. I moved my voiceovers around and then changed the duration of photos and the speed of videos until I thought it fit with the narration well. I looked for music on the iMovie soundtracks library until I found something that felt kinda heartwarming and sentimental. After I had everything straight, I added the title card and the credits at the end before I uploaded it to YouTube! I’m gonna say that this video is worth like at least 3 stars because of the compilation of photos and the voiceover work.

In a year like this past one, friends have been so incredibly important. These folks have helped me stay connected and sane, and talking to them always makes me smile. If you’re wondering about what the heck “CRLL Party” means, it’s actually the name of our group chat on iMessage and we used it for the name of our housing group when we were signing up to live together next semester! It’s the combination of the first initials of our names, Celia, Rosemary, Lindsay, and Lizzy, and I’m not really sure how “Party” got added it to it but I think it was Celia’s doing. Thinking about chilling with them in an apartment and getting to see my favorite people every day next semester has been a bright spot in getting through this year of online classes and isolation.

I actually sent all of these videos to our group chat after I posted them haha. I think the crew really likes them and I’m pretty sure at least three of us cried… we’re a sentimental bunch! Anyways, I think this is one of my favorite things that I’ve created this semester because it’s so sweet and personal and I’m excited that I’ll be able to watch it in the future and see the memories again.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to their week! Be well friends 🙂

— RM

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