Hey guys! I decided to pick something fun and relatively easy for my first mashup assignment this week. This is my attempt at the Holiday Mashup assignment worth 4.5 stars. The assignment tells you to choose elements from your three favorite holidays or cultural celebrations and combine them into a character. I chose to combine Halloween, Christmas, and Easter! I present to you the Ghost of Pink Pumpkin’s Past…

I’m a pretty big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I knew I wanted to use it as inspiration for this assignment. I didn’t want to take the skeleton vibes directly from the movie though, so I used a jack o lantern as the basis for my little character. I found a scary looking one and used that to start thinking about what else I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to add a santa hat as my Christmas element, but I was still unsure about how to convey Easter. As a nonreligious person, my favorite things about Easter are the colors and the signs of spring. This is where my color scheme inspiration came from. I used Snapchat to create the transparent pink color of the pumpkin as part of the Easter energy. I also found a santa hat that was pink in color and added it onto the pumpkin shape. After I had all of my holiday elements, I saved the photo and then played around with saturation, vibrance, warmth, and tint until my pumpkin was sufficiently pink. After I finished editing, the Ghost of Pink Pumpkin’s Past was born!

I envision this ghost to be in charge of holiday candy, but I’m open to other interpretations. I had a lot of fun messing around with this assignment and the finished product makes me laugh. I also think it ties in all the things that I love about holidays, which are mainly the silly traditions and fun activities associated with them. I’ll leave the video of “What’s This” from Nightmare Before Christmas here for y’all to listen to on your way out.

Merry Easterween everybody! Godspeed 🙂

— RM

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