Hey everyone! Happy Monday šŸ™‚

For my first audio assignment this week I decided to work on the Create a ds106 radio bumper assignment to help me make my bumper for our radio show!

I went with a very simple bumper this time that tells my name, the name of our show, and our class! I put on my very best Radio Rebel impression for this bumper so I hope you guys enjoy the RM radio persona. My group is working this show from a nostalgia angle (really Disney nostalgia is fueling us) so I used some Disney Channel music that makes my heart happy. Ah to be 8 years old and watching Hannah Montana after school, good times. We’re connecting this sense of nostalgia to our own personal stories, so I figured my bumper should represent me as well as that common theme!

To make my bumper I stole some audio from some stolen Disney Channel audio on YouTube. I actually recorded it into Voice Memos on my iPhone straight from my computer’s speakers. I know there’s probably a better way to get audio but I think it actually worked out pretty decently. I imported that voice memo into Soundtrap and cut it up into three different sections (the audio had a bunch of little Disney Channel tag lines so I took 3 to choose from). I went back to Voice Memos and did a couple of different takes of me talking until I had one that I was somewhat happy with. I imported that recording into Sountrap and then moved the Disney tracks around until they each lined up with my voice the way I wanted. I added fading in and fading out to the tag lines and listened to them a few times until I picked one. I adjusted the fading and volume of the tracks until I was happy with it and then exported it as an mp3 file so I could upload it to Soundcloud! Listening back to it now, Soundtrap put kind of a weird echo on my voice but I think it still sounds pretty good.

That’s all I got! The process was super easy! I hope everyone gets a good start on their shows this week and I’m so excited to see what we all come up with!

— RM

4 thoughts on “Stories of Our Stories Radio Bumper!”

  1. Iā€™m searching for blog posts this week to comment on and I only see posts from our group! Go us!! But I absolutely love this!! So much nostalgia in our group these last couple days. I completely forgot about Radio Rebel. That and Lemonade Mouth are so underrated!! So excited to see our show coming together!!!!

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed by how similar this sounds to Disney channel transitions/intros. If this wasn’t only audio, I’m sure you would have a great mickey mouse ears traced over the screen :).

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