Hi friends!

My next project for this week is the Special Person Montage assignment worth 3 stars. This assignment asks you to make a montage of someone who is special to you. I knew I wanted to do this assignment because I’m all about spreading some love, but I actually ended up making the video for my cat, Buddy. That sounds a little strange, but since my other cat died, I’ve been looking for ways to create a more positive association with my cats. This project seemed like a good starting place, so hopefully, I can eventually make videos for my other cats too, whether they are here with me or in the great beyond!

To make this video, I scrolled forever through my camera roll and picked out a few pictures and videos of Buddy. He’s just so photogenic and funny, so I had lots and lots to choose from lol. After I put all of those into an album, I airdropped them to an iPad to compile and edit them in iMovie. I tried to mix up the videos and pictures so that it wasn’t too much of a slide show vibe, and I also included some pictures of me with him so it felt more personal. I added some audio and this time I figured out how to add a title slide. We’re doing big things people. I finished the iMovie and sent it back to my phone so that I could upload it to my YouTube account.

This video is all about Buddy; an Ode to Buddy, if you will. I’ve had Buddy since I was in elementary school and he really is my homie. He sleeps in the bed with me at night and hangs out with me while I do my schoolwork during the day. He also loves to hunt squirrels and birds and mice, one time he even brought us a bat. He’s kinda like a dog really. Anyways, I love him with all my heart and I think that he deserves a video to represent that. Plus, he’s just so precious to look at so the video is fun for everyone else too.

I had a good time making this and it just let me sit and think about how grateful I am to have such a loving pet. I’m using this project as a jumping off point to go back and make a video to memorialize my other cat, Rollie, but also I think I might just make some videos of my friends and leave them private on YouTube. We’re in an era now that I have digital representations of all my favorite people, so I might as well make a little archive of memories. I’m excited to work on that once school is over!

Be well friends. Tell your besties that you love them!

— RM

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  1. I liked how you used an assignment bank assignment to help fulfill a goal you had to create a more positive association with your cats. Besides that, your cat is too cute!

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