I’m not gonna lie y’all, this week was a struggle! I have never worked with audio editing or Audacity before, so I was really intimidated by the workload for this week. I also ended up getting behind on my schoolwork, so that made doing creative work a little more difficult, but I think I’m actually really happy with the audio I’ve put out this week! I started off with some thoughts about the connection between sound and storytelling, which you can read in my audio reflection post.

My first audio project that I worked on this week was actually creating a radio bumper! I went the route of making a little jingle which you can listen to down below and read about in my radio bumper post.

I also listened to the ds106 radio show on Monday night and live-tweeted along with it. It was really fun!! You can see some of my tweets and my thoughts on that in my radio experience post. After listening to an actual radio show and working with audio in my own projects this week, I wrote down a few thoughts in my radio show ideas post.

I also did three daily creates this week!!!

This one was fun because I’m not very good at art but it was nice to just sit down and play with markers like a little kid.
I tried to mimic the thoughts I write in my own journal through stickers; clearly my mind is a little chaotic!
I almost didn’t do this daily create because I thought it would be weird, but then I ended up finding a really cool image and I thought my tweet was at least a little funny.

My first assignment this week was evoking an emotion using only sound. I decided to try and create the sound of anxiety by combining sounds that are unsettling to me. Check out my Emotions Through Sound post for more details on that and listen to it here!

As a fan of relaxation audios like 10+ hours of ocean noise videos you find on YouTube, I made my own attempt! It took a very long time and wasn’t super satisfactory, but you can read about it in my All the Relaxation post and listen to it here.

It was an absolutely beautiful day on Wednesday, so I sat outside on my front porch for a while. This inspired me to try and recreate the atmosphere of my front yard using only sound. You can read about how I did it in my Create a Place post and hear a pretty close example of my yard here! Welcome to country living.

The last assignment I worked on was telling a story through sound effects. I did this after I had some experience with Audacity and editing, and I think it came out pretty well! Read about cicadas and gravel in my Sound Effects Story post and listen to the spooky story here if you dare.

I had a very busy and stressful week and my audio creations are nowhere near perfect, but I actually had a good time working on them. I went into this week feeling discouraged because audio seemed very time consuming and, quite honestly, boring, but I was wrong! Sometimes I had trouble navigating through Audacity and remembering to completely stop the playback before editing, but I eventually got the hang of it. I also have a different attitude towards sound and storytelling. Maybe I’ve been scarred by NPR idk, but I like I don’t feel so intimidated or bored by it now. Working on radio shows in the coming weeks will be really interesting!

Have a lovely weekend gang <3

— RM

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