Hey friends! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week nines! I decided that I would go back and tackle my reworks to start this week off. The first rework I did was on my wedding invitation design project. You can find the original one in my Wedding Bells for RM post, and my reworked on here! When I did this originally, it was my first time ever using Canva so I didn’t really know what I was doing. I took this rework opportunity to make it more fun and look cooler now that I have a better understanding of text effects, elements, and transparency. The big changes I made were adding blood spattering and vampire logos for fun. I l played with the colors and transparencies of those elements before I made the finished product. I also adjusted font size and boldness to make everything easier to read since my original one was kind of small and dainty. It’s still dorky and embarrassing, but at least now it’s more fun!!!!

I used one of my audio projects for my second rework. You can listen to the original one in my Relaxing with RM post. When we did our unit on audio, I made a relaxation track attempt but I didn’t have a great understanding of Audacity when I did it. For my rework, I imported the bell track that I used the first time as well as the track of me singing. I decided to not use the other bell sound effect from the original project because I wanted a simpler sounding result. After I had my audio files in Audacity I duplicated the singing track so that the sound could be longer. I used the Fade In/Fade Out effects on the beginnings and ends of both singing tracks so they wouldn’t be so abrupt. After I did that and moved the audio tracks where I wanted, I cut the bells and faded them out too. Then I just played around with volume until I thought it sounded more cohesive and relaxing. I’m much happier with this relaxation track than the first one I made 🙂

I used the logo I reworked for my cover photo^^^ but my “reworking” there was just changing one color to make it match my website colors better. And that’s all I have! I’m pretty happy with the reworking I did; I’m more satisfied with my 2.0 projects and I think I had a lot more intention and knowledge going into them the second time around.

Have a good week everyone. Be well!

— RM

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