Hello all! our group had another Zoom on Friday to talk about the work we still needed to do and the actual editing process. Our assignments this week were to record and edit our individual segments and then put the whole show together. Over the weekend, Madeline and Maddy had already finished their story segments, so Madeline took all of the work we had done (bumpers, commercials, 2 stories) and edited them together to make the first half of the show. While she was working on that, I went ahead and recorded my segment so that I could put together and edit the second half of the show.

For my story, I chose a topic more on the serious side so that our show would be more dynamic. I also planned it to kinda flow into the commerical that Jordan had made last week! I recorded my story and edited it down, then I used a cricket sound effect from the BBC site and I used this music for ambiance. I was inpired by a summer in the mountains kind of vibe.

I put all of my audios into Audacity and spent some time editing it until I was somewhat happy with it. Then Madeline sent me the first half of the show! I made my segment into its own file and then put it into a new Audacity project with the first half of our show. I also added in Jordan’s bumper and commercials as well as the first bumper I made for this class. We thought having a little musical bumper at the start would be a good intro into the actual show. I spent a little time trying to line up the tracks and add some fading. Now we only need one more segment and then I can finish editing our show!! I think our group has made really great progress and our show is kinda fun.

Okay, I’m back with my final updates on our radio show!!! Jordan sent me her segment/story so I added that into Audacity along with her bumper to close out the show. I used the Fade In and Fade Out features to make all the different audios flow into each other and tried to adjust some volume issues here and there. I finally got all of our work into Audacity the way I wanted it so I exported it as an mp3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud. So, without further ado, here is our finished radio show, Stories of Our Stories; a trip down memory lane!

Our group put a lot of work and thought into our show and I’m proud of us!! I think we have a good balance of the fun nostalgic theme that we came up with and connections to the theme of our class. It’s been an interesting process to plan and execute a show from start to end and I definitely feel more comfortable and excited about audio production even though I still have lots to learn. I hope everyone enjoys our show and I can’t wait to hear what everyone else creates!

— RM

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