Howdy, all!! For this week’s emphasis on audio storytelling, I made a short little jingle for ds106 radio as my radio bumper assignment! There really isn’t a whole lot to be said for it honestly. I was sitting at my desk thinking about the radio jingles I’ve heard before. The ones that really come to mind are the Delilah diddy on 98.1 and the jingle for Q94 where I live.

this is a radio bumper for Delilah on 98.1
this is the radio bumper for Q94

I used this kind of idea as a reference point for my radio bumper. I was just sitting at my desk kinda humming random notes and came up with my jingle! I recorded it on Voice Memos on my iPhone and then imported that file into Soundtrap. Then I recorded three more parts to layer over the original track and imported those too. I spent some time cropping the audios and adjusting volumes until I was decently happy with the jingle and tadaaaa my radio bumper was born! It’s actually pretty catchy, it’s been in my head ever since I recorded it! I wanted it to be simple and feel familiar, and I think that produced kind of a 40’s vibe in the tune. It’s kinda fun and silly. Overall, it’s very short and sweet and it sounds like it would play while your grandma was on her way to Wawa to pick up some coffee.

Good luck this week, friends!!

— RM

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