Hey everybody!!! Happy Tuesday! This week feels like it’s been going on for a million years already. Anyways, welcome to my post for my second audio assignment this week. To help fulfill the radio show project requirements I decided to go ahead and make my commercial. I used the 80’s Product Radio Commercial but instead of advertising an 80’s product, I picked something else from my childhood. I tried to find something nostalgic from my life to fit with my group’s theme of Stories of Our Stories; a trip down memory lane. It’s about motion pills and it’s kinda goofy…

I’m thinking about telling a story that has to do with the mountains for my group’s radio show, so I decided to make a silly advertisement for the pills that got me through it all. I get terrible motion sickness in cars and it was even worse when I was little. To get to my grandma’s house in the mountains, we had to ride for 4 hours in the car and the roads would get a little curvy. I threw up many many times. My parents finally started getting me motion sickness pills and car rides became so much easier. I use them all the time now for cars, planes, buses, amusement parks, really all things involving motion LOL. So yeah, that’s where this idea came from. It’s a little strange.

To make my commercial I first went to Voice Memos on my iPhone and recorded about 2 minutes worth of me just talking in my Radio Rebel voice and saying random things that sounded like they’d be in an ad. I converted that m4a file into an mp3 and Soundtrap was down today so I couldn’t use that to make any edits so I went straight to Audacity. I cut up the long recording and deleted the parts I knew I wasn’t going to use. After I had a general layout of the commercial, I went to the BBC site to find my sound effects. I picked a slide whistley one to convey dizziness/the actual feeling of motion sickness and a car sound to really sell the vibe of driving up a mountain. Then I went in search of some upbeat medicine ad style music. I used music by Scott Holmes in my commercial. I imported the sound effects and the music into Audacity and then spent some time moving clips around and adjusting volume until I thought it sounded pretty good. I had a little trouble editing the music down but I think I eventually got it to sound decently blended. I exported my finished product as an mp3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

That’s all I really have for you guys so I guess catch ya later! Enjoy your mental health day tomorrow and get some sunshine <3

— RM

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