With such a broad theme like ours with so many paths to take, it almost makes pinpointing ideas even harder. I’ve been really trying to think about ideas for longer narratives and bigger projects that don’t feel superficial or disjointed. I still don’t have any super solid ideas but here we go.

I think it would be interesting to compile “diary entries” into one big narrative or story. The entries could be designs, drawings, writings, audio messages, really anything we’ve used as a modality of creativity in this class; they just have to be candid and connect to who we are and what we’re feeling. This would be a cool narrative to form because we could see the similarities and differences between our experiences while creating a sort of digital collage. My inspiration is thinking about those time capsules that some people make as kids. It would be really interesting to take a digital snapshot of what we’re experiencing right now and be able to reflect on that years down the line.

Another idea I had was thinking of years that feel particularly significant for some reason and then pulling songs from those points in our lives. I think it would be really cool to do simplistic covers of those significant songs, putting your own twist on it/putting whatever emotion you associate into it regardless of what the song’s intention was. I would be limited in this kind of project because I can’t play any instruments, I only sing. I think another similar way to form a narrative like this around music would be to make a mixtape. Using songs with significance to your life would sort of recreate your own story which would be pretty cool.

That’s kinda all I have in my brain right now, but I’m interested to see what everyone else comes up with!

Hope everyone is well <3

— RM

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