Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

For my third project this week, I attempted the Personal Gag Reel assignment worth 3 stars. This assignment just tells you to “create a gag reel of your funniest moments captured on video!” I found that to be easier said than done. I actually lost all of my camera roll about a year ago, so I only have recent videos on my phone. I also realized that I don’t have a lot of videos of myself, so I had to ask my friends if they had any. I got a few and I pulled some from Snapchat, and here’s what I ended up with.

I compiled all the funny videos I could find in my phone and from my friends and put them into iMovie. I played around with the order and cropping until I was somewhat happy with it. I didn’t add any audio because some of the videos are funnier with their original sounds. After I put it all together I exported the iMovie to my phone and uploaded to YouTube!

To be quite honest, I am disappointed in myself for this one. I feel like I’m a funny person and I love to laugh, but my gag reel would not have you believe that. I think that a lot of my videos are funny within the context of inside jokes, so it was hard to find anything that would transfer well to a gag reel. Very upsetting. Maybe I can take this as a good sign though, that many moments of joy were had without the need for phones or electronics. I’m addicted to my phone, so it’s actually surprising that I couldn’t find more videos. I also have to factor in that we’ve been in a pandemic for a year so I haven’t had many chances to go capture hilarious adventures, so maybe my gag reel isn’t so bad after all.

Let’s have a good week everybody. Godspeed.

— RM

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