For my last assignment this week, I decided to attempt the poster project that we talked about in our Weekly Assignments post for this week. I was a bit stuck when I was trying to think about what I was going to put on my poster; there are so many possibilities!!! I ended up working off of a template I found on Canva and a quote I had saved from Instagram. Here is my humble attempt at a poster!

You might be thinking, “Rosemary, you just said you like blues and purples! Why is this green and brown and pink?” Well, good question! I do generally prefer blues, but this sort of sage green color has been on my mind lately and makes me feel more connected and grounded in my daily life. I also really like to wear green because it goes with my hair color well, but that’s probably beside the point. Anyways, this poster looks super simple but it actually took me forever because Canva was giving me a hard time. That being said, I think it’s really cute and pretty well reflects the mental journey I’ve been on for the past year. From the start of this class, I’ve been talking about mental health and inspirational quotes as part of my story, so it seemed only fitting that I built those aspects into my poster. The quote on top, “be present ; seek joy” is something that I say to myself a lot when I’m either having a tough time, or I’m having a nice time and want to work on expressing gratitude. The second quote, “there is more to your story than what you can see right now” is a quote by Morgan Harper Nichols that I already had saved on Instagram, but I also thought that it applied to our theme really really well. We can talk all day about our stories as we understand them, but there’ still so much to discover!

here is the post that had the specific quote I used on my poster! @morganharpernichols is so great <3

As for my process, I used a poster template in Canva as my starting point. I typed in the quotes that I wanted and then went from there! I ended up changing the template’s color scheme to the earthy tones, I put in a flower graphic that made me happy, changed the font color to go with the sage color, and then spent a long time adjusting the transparency and curve of my elements and words. It took a long time because I got super confused by the way Canva moves elements forward and back, and because I didn’t have a vision in mind when I started. I downloaded it as a PNG and uploaded it here! I honestly think it’s really cute and represents me well. I’m a little unhappy with the design of the hands but they were premade and I didn’t really have time to dive into fixing that. I think that it’s pretty simplistic, but I also think that helps with the mental health and clarity aspect of what I was going for. Overall, I wouldn’t be mad if this was hanging on my wall!

I’m wishing the best for you all!!! Happy Thursday 🙂

— RM

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