For my first assignment this week, I chose the Tell A Tale On A Tapestry assignment because I thought it would be interesting to use ancient pictures and typical designs to convey a story that is current. I am sad to say that one of my cats, Rollie, passed away this past weekend and I have been very upset. I loved that little guy! This tapestry creation is dedicated to him and his story.

The story flows from left to right, top to bottom.

The tapestry’s tale begins with a person calling to a group of people and pointing to a cat under a shelter. Rollie was a stray that was hanging around our house and sleeping in the carport sometimes. I was the one advocating for him and telling my family that we should take him in, which we eventually did. In the second scene, I used an image of a person walking their sheep (or whatever it’s supposed to be) on a leash. I put the Rollie character overtop of the sheep to represent how we were buddies. I would go on walks through the woods with him and he liked to hang out in my room with me. The last scene reads “rip Rollie” and has a person watching as their cat with wings flies up in the air, presumably to heaven or peace or whatever you would like to call it. I’m not really one to believe in the idea of heaven, but I liked the symbolism of the wings taking him away from earth. Rollie had a ton of health issues so there’s no doubt that his kitty angel wings have taken him to a better and more comfortable place.

This assignment drew me in because I wanted to explore storytelling without relying on words. There was also the added challenge of using characters and images that I had no control in creating to convey my own personal vision. I chose to include just the words “rip Rollie” because I didn’t think that words were necessary to understand the emotions I intended. I think I like the way that I designed the scenes because they look somewhat authentic to me and they’re simplistic. The third scene is my favorite because I like the way I used the human image and the wings of a bird to portray the journey of peace.

The link in the actual assignment bank post for the tapestry creation site didn’t work for me so I used the Historic Tale Construction Kit website instead. It allowed me to choose my background, characters, animals, and building structures. I scrolled through the options for all of this and then decided that I wanted to use them to recreate Rollie’s story. I went through the categories of images to pick out characters to represent me and my family for the first scene. (I’m the one pointing to the shelter structure.) I selected the characters and then used the sizing and mirroring tools to change their orientation how I wanted. I chose the gray cat-like creature from the “beasts” section to represent Rollie and then pulled the shelter-looking image from the “building” section. I repeated this selection process for the other images but layered the Rollie character over the other designs to depict me walking with him in the second scene and him flying up to kitty heaven in the third scene. This was easy because the website allows you to rotate images, change their opacities, and place them on top of each other. Clicking on a blank section of the tapestry also allows you to type in an ancient-looking font, so I used that feature for just the simple “RIP ROLLIE” message. After placing everything where I wanted, I downloaded the tapestry image so that I could embed it here!

I think this was a good way to dip my toe into the water of design because I have absolutely no experience with it. The process of this tapestry had me thinking critically about where I was placing the images and how those choices would affect the story.

Anyways, everybody hug your pets! Happy Monday, folks !!!

— RM

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