Hey gang! Welcome to my weekly summary. This week has been focused on my group’s radio show, but we can touch on some other stuff too! First, here are my daily creates from this week. I had some fun working on these 🙂

The One Sentence Travel Review prompt was really interesting. I got to go on a little ride in Switzerland and enjoy the pretty mountains and cliffs. It made me miss the world pre-COVID 🙁

For the next daily create I worked on, I tried to think of a way to visualize pi day. I used some colored index cards to cute out shapes and make a paper pi pie!

Aside from my daily creates, I spent my time editing audio for my group’s radio show and combing different tracks in Audacity. You can read about my work on that front in my second Radio Show Progress Report post. Once I finished everything I was able to upload our show to Soundcloud and send out a tweet in celebration!!!

Here is our finished radio show!! I’m very proud of the way our group worked together and produced an almost half hour long project. Check it out!

The only issues I encountered this week were surrounding the actual upload of the radio show file. It’s a pretty big file (like 28 minutes long) so I knew that it could be problematic. After I exported it as an mp3, I tried to email the file to my group but I think it was too big to send. I then went ahead and put it in Soundcloud and waited for it to upload, which took a very long time, and added in Jordan’s design as some cover art. Despite the size of the file, Soundcloud uploaded it and all is well! I’m glad to have it finally done and I’m looking forward to hearing the other shows that groups put out this week.

Be well, everyone 🙂

— RM

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