Hey y’all! Let’s kick off Week 10 with the Point of View assignment worth 5 stars.

Basically, the project is to create a short video that conveys the perspective of someone or something else. This assignment was originally made for people who were using a character, but I decided to use it as a chance to see life through a cat’s eyes.

I just used my iPhone to take some videos and tried to hold the camera about a cat’s height from the ground. I airdropped the videos to an iPad and used iMovie to put them all together, crop them, add this dreamy effect because I’m pretty sure cat vision isn’t as vibrant as human vision, and add some audio. I finally figured out how to put audio in iMovie LOL slowly but surely we’re learning!!!! I exported the iMovie to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube!

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a cat. They’re so much smaller than we are and they kinda don’t live by any rules. I thought that approaching this kind of POV would be interesting. I tried to think of things that my cat does that I don’t get to do. I wanted to get into the mindset of jumping because cats always jump and move really gracefully. I tried to capture that kind of movement in a few different ways by having the camera jump onto my bed and move up and down some stairs. My cats always roll around on the ground so I attempted that motion too.

Honestly, this is not a very exciting video. I didn’t want to record the inside of my house so that limited my POV shot opportunities. That being said, I think the final products of the jump/stairs shots look pretty cool and kinda feel like maybe you really are a small creature. When I was editing the video, I was surprised by how disorienting it was to have a perspective so close to the ground. The cat’s POV had more of an impact than I thought it would!

Anyways, I had fun crawling around and thinking like a cat for a while. Y’all should try it!

until next time…

— RM

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