My photoblitz activity actually took place at my grandma, Wilma’s, house. My power went out so my family had to dash over to Grammy’s house to take showers and in my case, do homework! Here is the list I was working with, and the time that I got up out of my seat and ran around with my camera.

time stamp 4:12 pm GO
take a photograph of the front of a building

This is a picture of the blanket my grandmother has that depicts the outside of her old church. She used to live in Wytheville, VA, and she and my grandpa were very active in the church community! I thought this would be an interesting take on the outside of a building, being that the picture was taken indoors and the building is not real.

an instrument that measures something

I decided to take a picture of these glasses as instruments of measure. I would say that a wine glass helps you measure how much wine you’re drinking lol! I also just really liked the darkness of it, it looks kinda haunting. Maybe it’s the ghost of hangovers idk.

take a picture that represents wildness/ take a picture of fire or something that represents fire

This frog is sitting in front of the fireplace (that’s my connection to fire symbolism) and it makes forest and ribbetting noises. The frog and the fire sort of give off cabin in the woods vibes, which feels like wildness and wilderness to me.

take a picture that reminds you of your childhood

This picture makes me happy. My grandparents were in the church choir, so I spent a lot of time listening to them sing and play the piano when I was little. I also painted that little ceramic girl on the piano, and I broke a petal off of that fake rose when I was younger. The lamp on the piano was in the bedroom I slept in when I stayed at their house in Wytheville. So much nostalgia in one place! I also edited it to make it look more like an old photo.

STOP time stamp 4:22 pm

Here is when I stopped! I didn’t find all of the pictures, but I liked the ones I got. Doing this at my grandma’s house actually gave me a lot of new visuals to ponder as I was looking for photo opportunities. I’m not in that space very frequently, so there were a lot of things to explore!! Overall I thought it was a fun challenge and the piano and wine glass photos are my favorites. I like the way I edited them and the general energy they give off!!

— RM

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