This week has been a whirlwind for me. I started off really excited to work on the assignments for this week, beginning with my story analysis post, but it was kinda downhill after that lol. My analysis post was a lot of fun because I got to revisit some of my most memorable stories from childhood, so check that out for my thoughts on The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and The Corpse Bride.

I also really enjoyed the daily creates I did at the beginning of the week! I think this class has me realizing that I like photography more than I thought I did. Here are my daily creates in all their glory!

my friend Lindsay took this photo while we were volunteering at the Ashland Theatre Drive in… it was Rocky Horror night!!! peep the fishnets
I took a meditation class last semester… can you tell? LOL
I just live in the woods so I thought maybe the mirror might spice up the daily create! That and it’s important to reflect on your intentions when you’re beginning a new week!!!

I worked on my assignments after all of my daily creates were done, and ended up doing three (each assignment was worth 4 stars). The first assignment I worked on this week was my Sharing Credit with Maddie post. Maddie and I laughed a lot during this adventure of an assignment. The story we decided to tell was completely silly and ridiculous, but we had a good time adding emojis and music references into it. There are screenshots of the story in that post because we wrote it over iMessage. It’s pretty goofy lol. Thank you Maddie for laughing and creating with me!!! I’ll put a little sneak peek of our story here, but check out the post for all the drama!

In the next assignment I did, I recounted my feelings about living just another day at home. You can find my post about it here, and I’ll paste the finished product below. This assignment felt the most connected to my story because poetry/prose are so therapeutic and eye-opening for me. It was a great exercise, even if the end result wasn’t the best poem to ever grace the internet.

Another Day

Another day at home,

Another day on Chiswell. 

Another day of squinting at my screen,

Another day of lower back pain.

Another day of headaches and confusion. 

Another day of gloomy clouds and dark bedrooms.

Another day of wet leaves and muddy paws.

Another day of gray, of bare branches and cold breezes. 

Another day in Winter,

Another day waiting for Spring. 

Another day of frustration and monotonous existence, 

And yet 

A new day of thinking, living, breathing.

A new day of waving trees,

A new day of whispering wind.

A new day of clouds that promise snow.

A new day of appreciating the Sun, even though she isn’t around.

A new day of listening to the silence in the woods. 

A new day of being thankful for the internet and flexible professors.

A new day of holding literature in my hands and smiling.

A new day of cats yawning and snoring,

A new day of stretching and finding comfort.

A new day of sitting in the warmth and observing the cold.

A day that is not just another day,

A day that is the mark of existing in gratitude. 

The last assignment I worked on was sending a letter to someone! You can find my whole post about it here, but here’s a picture too!

check out the cute envelopes my pen pal makes!

This assignment was super fun because I started doing snail mail when the pandemic hit, and now that classes have started again, this gave me a chance to devote some time back to it! The picture is blurry for privacy reasons, but the vibe is still there!

Overall, it’s been a decent week. Writing assignments feel the most comfortable for me, I’ll attribute that to the English major energy, and I didn’t have to navigate any digital struggles because I was just using Google docs or my phone or actual pen and paper. Outside of this class though, life has been chaotic! I finally did that presentation on Martin Luther in case anyone was wondering. But because everything else is so stressful, I feel like I wasn’t able to really enjoy the work I did this week. I’m manifesting more joy for my future digital storytelling!

Remember to be kind to yourselves 🙂

— RM

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