I was feeling a little burnt out this week, so I wanted to try to switch things up. I came up with an idea for the narrative I wanted to center around this week. I’m working on telling the story of my best friends from school! My first step is making introduction videos/appreciation videos for each one of them. These videos are kinda based on the Special Person Montage assignment, which is worth 3 stars on its own. I attempted this assignment last week but I did it for my cat and I really liked the video, but I wanted to push deeper this week. Doing that project made me start thinking about creating similar videos for other important people in order to find a deeper connection to my work. Y’all can check out my Special (Pet) Montage post to read about that process and my original thoughts on making videos of my loved ones. As for this week, here are three videos of memories I have with my friends!

I texted my friends to get videos and photos of each other and then I put them all into iMovie in order to make the slideshow type videos. After I changed up the order of the photos/videos and made the durations the length that I wanted, I looked through the soundtracks on iMovie to find music that I thought would represent each of their personalities well. I also added a little sound effect to the beginning of Lizzy’s video because I thought it would make her happy.

All three of these videos are very simple, but I really love them. They made me so happy while I was making them and it was exciting to get to send them to my friends who I haven’t seen in a while. I’m so thankful to have met such amazing people. These three videos are meant to set the stage for my next video, which tells the story of our friendship. I hope you guys will follow me and my special people through that video too!

I hope everyone is doing well this week 🙂

— RM

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