So, as I stated before, I am not great behind a camera. I just don’t really have an eye for it. After doing our reading for this week, I scrolled through my camera roll for a little while and looked for some pictures that show off some of the points from that post. These are all pictures I’ve taken during the pandemic!

First, I have this photo of the trees from last week’s snow, which caused me to lose electricity. That wasn’t fun, but running around in the snow was! I adjusted the lighting and the focus of it while I was taking the picture, so I think that brought some depth to it. I also crawled underneath the branches of this tree to get the angle I wanted, so I was committed you guys! I think this photo kind of represents how I’ve always liked the darker, spookier subject matter, but in life right now, I’m trying to look for the light. These leaves were a really subtle spot of yellow and brightness amongst the barren branches and icy snow, and I managed to still make them look kinda haunting, but they also look very beautiful to me.

some snowy leaves for you all!!

This next photo makes me think about perspective. I was trying to portray what was outside my window, but it just looked boring and bleak when I held my camera up to the windowpane. I picked up my mirror and then realized it might be fun to take a photo using its reflection, as I thought long and hard about how it was just another dull, miserable Monday. Once again, a haunting image, but I think the curtains bring some elegance to it in a ghostly way. I also really like that I got my UMW painting in the dark background because I feel like it really represents the struggle of the pandemic. We sit here, on dull Mondays, doing online classes and being sad that school isn’t the way it used to be. Also, the bracelets in the bottom of the mirror say inspirational quotes like “today I will not worry” or “I’m still here,” so if you really wanna think about it hard, my sadness about school is in the background while the image focuses on the day, and good thoughts are supporting the image.

I actually took this photo for a daily create last week!!

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I love where I live, especially when the sun is shining. This tractor has been passed down through the family and my dad uses it to do work around the house. He left it sitting in the driveway and I decided to take a picture. I got the camera at an angle where you can see little rays of sunshine. I think the lighting is so cool and fun and calming, and it makes the photo more artistic. Doesn’t it look like I live in actual Heaven???

this is my dad’s tractor in our driveway 🙂

When I took Yearbook in high school, my teacher talked about the rule of thirds all the time. I think this next picture is the closest I’ve organically gotten to that. Between that and the contrast of colors, I think the photo is pretty captivating. Once again, I was out walking on my road, enjoying nature and the sunshine, and I ended up taking this photo. It was golden hour, so that’s why the road looks so yellow and so blue. The sun was hitting at quite an angle! Anyways, after I took the picture I picked up this little guy and carried him to the field next to the road. I think it’s really interesting to think about how he got there. Why was he there? What was he doing? I think we should all kinda vibe with the animals we see because they’re just rolling through life, same as us!

this is a little salamander man I found in the middle of my road, nowhere near water!

That’s all I have for now, but as you can see, being outside and thinking about mental heath are huge parts of my life, and in turn, my story! I hope these pictures reflect that and also give everybody a sense of my photography skills.

Be well friends <3

— RM

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