I’ve been taking some time this week to really think about what I would want to create in a final project. I looked back at my original project ideas post and tried to pin down some more solid thoughts. I also read through Maddie’s project ideas and Maddy’s project ideas, and it seems like we’re all on the same wavelength in looking for something fun and music-related to put our effort into! I had a great time working with them on the radio project, so this would be an interesting journey to embark on with them.

After looking back through all of our ideas, obviously, music is at the center of them. We could try to create a cover of a song since I like to sing, Maddie plays the ukulele, and Maddy can make some sick beats. I’m envisioning us choosing some song that holds significance to this year in quarantine. I think we all like Tik Tok too so maybe that would be a good starting place to find some inspiration. Regardless of where the song comes from though, I think we could record and produce it as an audio component, maybe make a simple video with pictures and videos of our quarantine year, design some promo and an EP cover, and then write up what our song/project/creation means to each of us.

I think that working on a project from this angle tells the story of our generation’s experience being trapped in a year of COVID during such a pivotal time in our lives. There’s also a lot of potential for pulling our own personal narratives into our project as we explain what it means to each of us and how it relates to the narratives we’ve been communicating all semester long.

I’m excited to get in contact with the crew and start creating!!

— RM

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