I’m back with another mashup, y’all! Here we go!

The burnout from this semester is tragic so I’ve really been trying to have fun and keep things light this week. I kept in theme with that when I attempted the I’m Ready for my Closeup assignment worth 4.5 stars. The assignment asks you to take someone’s face and put them in some sort of crazy or fun scenery. It also asks for the story behind it. I actually really enjoy taking faces and putting them in funny backgrounds, so this seemed like a good project. If you saw my remix of the wedding invitation assignment, you might remember the face of Matt Donovan. This is Matt Donovan’s closeup.

This photo takes a lot of explaining. Let’s try to unpack its story.

I am a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it but I know it’s a lot. I’m rewatching it with my friends (Chloe and Zoe) who have never seen it before and having tons of fun. We have a little group chat where we text about it and we have Zoom calls to talk about each season. There are lots of great characters in TVD, and then there are some that you either love or hate. Zoe really likes Matt Donovan, whom many fans of the show cannot stand. In a show filled with endless supernatural occurrences, Matt is human. I think that Matt has a superiority complex about his humanity quite honestly, and that’s how I got to thinking up this photo. Matt is standing on the 1st place podium because he is better than all of the other supernatural creatures. In Mystic Falls, the small town where TVD takes place, there are ghosts, witches, werewolves, vampires, hybrids (mix of vamps and wolves), and many other weird supernatural things that I didn’t think would translate well to little images. Matt just thinks he’s better than all of these supernatural beings because they hurt people sometimes. To be fair, Matt has a decently difficult life with his own trauma and stuff to deal with, but I still think he needs to be knocked off his pedestal.

To make this I took an image of a person on a pedestal and made it red to fit the vampire vibes. Then I cropped a bunch of little supernatural characters and saved them in Snapchat. I also cropped the sign for Mystic Falls so that I could add it to the top of the picture. I placed all of the characters onto the previously saved image and then added Matt’s face to the silhouette of the person on the pedestal. The expression on his face compared to the body language of the silhouette makes me laugh. I put the vampire and the hybrid on the 3rd place spot because Matt really doesn’t like them and their violent nature, and I put the werewolf, witch, and ghost in 2nd place because he has a higher tolerance for their shenanigans usually. Finally, I put the Mystic Falls sign so that it looks like Matt is gesturing towards it and ta daaaaa! There he is in all his closeup glory!

There ya have it! I had a lot of fun making this little project. I sent it to our group chat and we all had a good laugh. I hope y’all might chuckle too.

Be well, everybody!

— RM

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