We made it.

Sometimes, there didn’t seem to be an end in sight, but we made it. I’m proud of us. As we all know, this week has been about finishing up our final projects. I am incredibly happy with my group’s work. Go read alllllll about our final project in my Imagine x Yellow Final Project post! I really hope you guys like it.

At the beginning of the week, I spent a lot of time working with audio for our project. Check out my post about the Imagine/Yellow audio process!

When the audio was done, we pulled it all together in a slideshow video. You can watch our video here and read about the process in my RM’s Project Video post!

At the end of this week, I am left exhausted, but happy. My group worked so hard to make this project happen and make sure the concept we created matched the one from our heads. I think it’s wonderful, quite honestly.

I told one of my friends, I have been complaining about this semester since it started, but I blinked and now somehow it’s over. How’d we get here? It has been a difficult semester, and I haven’t always loved this class, but I have a lot of gratitude for it. I was very afraid of ds106 in the beginning and almost dropped because I felt like I wasn’t creatively or technologically competent enough to succeed. I think I have decided that that is simply not true. Sure, a lot of my work is rough and very amateur, but I have learned A LOT in this course. I am so much more inclined now to look for digital ways of expressing something or completing work for another class. This class also let me keep in touch with my creative side for an entire semester. It feels like art class, and I haven’t had that since 7th grade! Now I won’t lie and say that this class wasn’t frustrating or that when I had a lot on my plate I questioned why I should put work into it, but that’s just the creative process!!! I am very grateful for my time in ds106. I am grateful for our prompt (what is your story) for allowing me to do some self-reflection and create things that make me happy, and I’m extra grateful to have had this class with a very close friend. This has been a very positive experience and I think I really will miss it.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester. I’ve loved seeing all the amazing things we’ve created. Best of luck to everyone on their finals, and I hope that this summer is full of sunshine and happiness for you all.

for the last time,

— RM

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