Today was such a beautiful day!! Can y’all believe it was really 65 degrees and sunny in February? I spent a lot of time outside today and got inspired to work on the Create a Place assignment. The task of this assignment is to use sounds to transport the listener to a specific place. I chose to recreate the atmosphere of my front yard. I live in a rural area, on a road with not many neighbors. I sat on my front porch today and tried to pick out the different sounds I heard from the woods, the sky, and my neighbors. Check out what I made 🙂

This assignment was actually harder than I thought it was going to be because it was hard to find sounds on the BBC site that closely matched the ones I would hear in my front yard. I ended up compiling lots of different sounds to make my track. I started with two different tracks of wind in trees and then added a track of crickets, bees, and birds. Then I spent a long time looking for another bird track that had the right amount of calls. I landed on one with robins and put that into Audacity with the wind tracks and the other wildlife track. I also used a sound that had roosters and a dog barking in it. I don’t have any dogs, but most of my neighbors do so you’re bound to hear somebody start barking if you go outside. All of these tracks created the atmosphere of my front yard, but then I started thinking about little details that would complete it.

I feel like somebody on my road is always mowing their lawn, so I found a lawnmower sound and added that to Audacity. My dad and I always hear planes too, so I found a jet audio and imported that into Audacity too! After I had all the audios I wanted, I started adjusting their volumes and cutting them. I also finally figured out how to move tracks around in Audacity. I wasn’t stopping my playbacks, only pausing them, so I couldn’t move the tracks around in the whole sound. I felt dumb after I figured that out but it’s okay. I played around in Audacity for a while before I exported the track as an mp3 file and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Feeling close to nature is something I’ve been so thankful for, especially since the pandemic hit. Being at home and surrounded by nature has been absolutely amazing and I’ve grown to appreciate where I live so much. I also just feel really connected to nature at this point in my life and it’s one of the easiest paths for me to follow in practicing gratitude. I think that nature really grounds us, so taking time to just go sit outside in the sun and really try to listen to all the sounds around me was an incredible way for me to spend my time. I highly recommend it! If you live in an urban environment, just listen to the track I made^^ and pretend you’re here!!

Be well, friends 🙂

— RM

5 thoughts on “Listening to My Front Yard”

  1. This was really well done! I enjoyed listening to what you created, and it reminds me of what my front yard sounds like. I love the attention to detail you put with all of the different sounds. It really does sound like you recorded a session of you sitting in your front yard.

  2. This is really good! As someone who used to live in more rural areas, this post is making me miss my time living in privacy! It sounds so peaceful.

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