Hello!! I’m Rosemary! I’m from Beaverdam, Virginia, which is in Hanover County, and I’m in my second year at UMW. I’m a technologically challenged English major looking into Digital Studies and library science! I decided to take this class and embark on this journey because I thought it would give me a solid chance to learn more about the internet and act as a creative outlet for me while I’m in school. I’m excited! Please enjoy this messy little snapshot into my brain to get to know me better 🙂

I’m a tad scatterbrained… but that’s okay! I really do like to laugh though, hence my tweets

I also really really love where I live because I thoroughly enjoy going outside and sitting in nature. I like to take time to just be. Perhaps you all can see my fondness for nature and my home on my Instagram! Here’s a spooky little photo from the first day of class.

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You’ve met my cats, you see my sense of humor and my desire for tranquility in nature, so I guess what we’re missing is my love for singing! I’ve been a chorus kid since elementary school and I’ve never gotten tired of it. Last semester I joined the a capella group Symfonics at UMW! It is tons of fun and it gives me a little chance to sing in an organized group again. My friend, and music director of Symfonics, Chloe Martin, arranged this version of Pentatonix’s Run To You for our group and allowed me to make a little clip of it myself.

So there we have it! Me in a nutshell! I’m really excited to see all of the stories we produce in this class and I’m especially excited to see what kind of self growth comes from this. See y’all soon!

— RM

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