For my final project in ds106, I worked with Maddie and Maddy to cover a song, create designs for our song/concept, and compile and edit photos for a video. We put in a lot of really great work and I’m excited to finally get to show you guys what we’ve done!

I have separate posts that discuss the process of my design, our song/audio, and our final video! Check those out if you want to read more about the technicalities of our project 🙂

But without further ado, here is our finished project for ds106; a video with our cover of Imagine x Yellow!

When our group got together (virtually) to talk about what we wanted to do, our starting point was a song. We thought about what angle and story we were trying to produce in this project as we were trying to choose what song we wanted to work with. We decided that we wanted a song that would really allow us to reflect on the past year in a pandemic and work well with representing such a difficult time for everyone. This brought us to Imagine by John Lennon. You might remember a year ago when a bunch of celebrities sang it and it was super weird and unsettling; our group planned on doing it in a much better way and creating the Imagine that a year of COVID really deserves. Maddy then found out that Yellow by Coldplay would mash really well with Imagine. As we were thinking about mashing the two songs together, we came up with the concept for our video. The vision was that while Imagine is playing, we would use photos from the internet and our personal camera rolls that represented the struggles of the pandemic and then edit them to be black and white. Because we are at a point now where we can see light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines and such, we envisioned the part of the video that shifts to Yellow to be happy and hopeful images in color. There’s some symbolism there too with the title of the song being named after a bright and happy color; yellow. I’m so proud of us for coming up with this concept because I love the way it ties color into our storytelling and adds more depth to our video!

With our concept solidly in mind, we spent our first week making designs/publicity for our project and working on the logistics of recording. We didn’t really discuss the uniformity of our designs because we all wanted to create something individual in our group project and just get excited about working on it. I was truly amazed by the designs my group members put out. I’ll drop all three of them here so you can be in awe with me.

First we have my design, which I’m sure you’ve seen by now LOL.

Next, I’ll put Maddy’s design. I love the way she used the news as part of her and the animation is SO COOL!!

And here’s Maddie’s! I love it so much and I think the signatures were such a cute idea! She also animated a version of hers, which I think translates really well the movements of music and video.

Can y’all believe how great those are? After our designs were done, we turned to audio production. Maddy and Maddie are both incredibly kind and talented, so I was able to work with their tracks to record my own and edit them all together. I used Soundtrap to layer and fade the tracks into each other and add in my vocals. We put our audio on Soundcloud before our video to keep the energy ramping up! You can listen to just the song here:

With all of that done, all we had left to do was put together our video. Shoutout to Maddie for compiling and editing them all into iMovie and shoutout to Maddy for finding a lot of amazing images to use. I added the song audio as our final step and posted it to YouTube. I was so exciting and relieving to finally have our project out in the world. I feel like we’ve been working on it forever!

It is obvious that every single person has been affected by this pandemic. COVID is a tragedy that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. The suffering from this past year is immense and my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one or been harmed in any way. I have been extremely lucky to have social networks and digital technology that has kept me in contact with everyone that I loved, and I do not take that for granted. Even though I have had a comfortable life during this pandemic, I still think that it’s valid to mourn the loss I faced regarding school. I came into Mary Wash as a freshman in Fall 2019, knowing that I would graduate a year, if not two years, early because I had so many credits. When we got sent home in the Spring semester of 2020, my heart broke. I have been at home doing online classes for over a year now. I miss my school, I miss my friends, and I miss my independence. I will be moving back to campus next semester and be graduating in Spring 2022, but COVID has taken almost all of my “college experience” away from me, and it’s incredibly frustrating. I am so grateful to have access to online education, but I still feel the loss. If I have learned anything from this pandemic, it’s to be mindful and compassionate. Everyone has suffered so much loss, everyone has struggled, and we have all lost about a year of our normal lives. It’s so important to keep these things in mind when you interact with others. I will keep these feelings of understanding, empathy, and consideration with me for the rest of my life.

This is the story that fueled our final project. Maddie, Maddy, myself, and so many other students have all endured the terrors and sadness of online school, and the whole world has endured all the negativity that came with this pandemic. Our video reflects on and acknowledges this negativity and sadness, but we are also looking to the future. Hope is here! Light at the end of the tunnel is coming! I hope that our project is inspirational and reminds people of how far we’ve come in the past year.

I am so thankful to have had this class and this project opportunity to take some time and reflect on the good and bad of the pandemic. We truly put so much thought and work into this, and I think it came out nicely. I hope you guys can enjoy and relate to it. Please go check out Maddy’s Final Project post AND Maddie’s Final Project post! They are so wonderful and talented and amazing and intelligent and working with them has been an absolute blast.

Be well everyone. Perhaps after this pandemic, the world might really move a little closer to living as one 🙂

— RM

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