Hey, guys! I hope everybody is doing alright as we’re approaching the final weeks of class and working on our final projects! I have been working with Maddy and Maddie this week to come up with a concept for our final project and I gotta say, I’m really happy with our ideas. We each decided to put out a design this week as publicity for our project 🙂

We wanted to create something musically centered for our final project. We’re trying to combine percussion, instrumental, and vocals to cover Imagine by John Lennon and Yellow by Coldplay. We’ve started recording various things and we’re working on combining them in the next week to produce our project. We did publicity designs to incorporate a design element into our workload and help to get people excited about our song!

I just used an image of John Lennon and imported it into Canva to make my design. I tried to make the colors fit the yellow and black and white vibes and then played around with transparency to get the finished product. I wanted my design to be really simple and just convey the basics, so I added some stripes, our names, and the names of the songs. I don’t really want to give away too much about our project, so I’ll wait until a little later to really explain the details of our choices.

Everybody hang in there!!

— RM

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