Everyone who knows me knows I love cats. I really do. I always get cat-themed gifts and people send me cat pictures, and I take pictures of my own cats constantly. That’s why when I found the Your Love for Your Pet assignment, I was sold. The task was to create a collage of pictures of your pet, showing how much you love them. I don’t even want to admit how many photos there were of these guys on my phone… but anyways! Here are my collages.

Rollie <3
Tubby <3
Buddy <3

Aren’t they the cutest? So, to start this assignment’s process, I went through my camera roll and made an album of all the cute/funny pictures I had of my cats. Needless to say, this became quite a large album. I tend to take a lot of pictures of them when I think they’re going to do something funny, kinda like the “moment” aspect of photography that we reviewed this week. Then I went on the app store and looked at different collaging apps. I ended up using Collageable, but I don’t think it’s the best app out there. I looked through all the different collage templates and picked one for each cat. Then I chose background colors; orange for Rollie because I just get orange vibes from him, pink for Tubby because he’s a dainty little drama queen, and hearts for Buddy because I love him lots. Then I imported the pictures from my camera roll into the slots in the collages and manipulated/zoomed in/rotated the pictures as needed until they looked the way I wanted them to. Then all I had to do was save to camera roll and upload them here!!

This may sound cheesy, but these cats are my world. I am THE crazy cat lady. They’re my favorite part of being at home and doing online school because I get to see them and watch them be cute all day. They make me so so so happy and take my mind off the stress of school and life in general. I wanted to do this assignment because as dorky and weird as it may be, my cats are a big part of my life and my story. They’re like my kids. I think that cats show a lot of love but they’re also like humans in that they set boundaries and interact on their own terms. Spending time with them contributes greatly to my mental health; they always make me laugh! I think it’s important to show gratitude to and for our pets because they really are part of the family. Go hug your pet right this instant! But yeah, I’d say that this blog is telling the story of a crazy cat lady and that’s okay, I could be worse things!


— RM

2 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady <3”

  1. Hey Rosemary-
    I LOVE the pictures of your cats! I really like the background colors/patterns that you used in your collages. I too love pets and think that they are a great coping mechanism during covid- it’s nice to have them around 🙂 . Sadly, I am allergic to cats but I love them so much! I have one dog named Biscuit and I also did this assignment with pictures of her!

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