For my first attempt at a remix this week, I wanted to use one of my visual assignments because editing photos is really fun for me. I chose to remix the photo I edited for the Colorize It assignment, which you guys can read about in my original BLUE Ridge Mountains post. I made a mistake because this remix was actually for the Color Changer assignment, but I liked the way it turned out so I’m going with it! The remix was called “Turn Up The Cheese” and asked you to essentially make the photo as over the top, cheesy, and cliche as possible. It specifically mentioned the colors pink and green, which inspired me to edit my photo like this:

I was trying to think about cheesy ideas that might fit with my picture of the mountains, especially because I made the picture blue and green to the max so it was already cheesy, but then it dawned on me! I feel like every time there’s a pretty sunset with clouds I see a girl post on Snapchat or Instagram or what have you about “cotton candy skies.” I started playing with pinks and greens in the photo to make some cotton candy skies and keep with the colors that the prompt specifically mentioned. To do this, I took the previously edited photo, which already had a lot of saturation and color enhancing on it, and turned the vibrance and saturation all the way up. Then I went and tinted the photo pink so that the cotton candy skies could have their moment. I also changed the warmth of the photo so that the greens and the pinks were more bright and unnatural. I think it turned out pretty fun and very cheesy. I actually really like the pink clouds and I’m surprised that I was able to get them to look like that using the photo editor that’s built into the photos app on my iPhone.

I wanted to include my photo that I edited for the original assignment so we can all see the difference in color. I really liked the way I edited it the first time because the vibrant blues and greens look like a paradise.

I also wanted to put in the original original photo so we can see how far it’s come! The photo has always been really pretty and connected to good memories, but looking at the way it’s been edited for this assignment, I would say that it’s definitely cheesy and over the top!

Hopefully y’all enjoyed my cheesy cotton candy skies! I hope everyone has a nice start to their week 🙂

— RM

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