Last night, I tuned in to ds106radio to listen to Operation Childhood- Radio Show and my group’s show, Stories of Our Stories; a trip down memory lane. What a blast! It was really interesting to listen to the other group’s show because we a similar theme, but we approached it in very different ways.

I think my favorite thing about the Operation Childhood show was the use of “playground” music. They used this youthful music throughout their show and it made it a cohesive experience as well as directly connected the idea of childhood through sound. It was so cute! It definitely made the show more playful. I thought that the sound effects and music that the group put into their bumpers and commercials were really great too. It seemed like there was a lot of intention behind the choices they made and they flowed together well and cohesively. I also really enjoyed the podcast energy of their show. It made it seem like it was just a few friends hanging out and talking about relatable/funny memories from childhood. The listener could tell that they were having a good time through the tones of their voices and the conversation seemed to be really organic and authentic. I think it’s really cool that they found a way to all be talking and present at the same time!

Here are some of my tweets/thoughts as I was listening to Operation Childhood-Radio Show last night!

After listening to their show, it was time to hang out and listen to Stories of Our Stories again! I was nervous about it because I don’t like to hear my own voice, but it was actually really interesting because even though I spent a lot of time editing it, I hadn’t listened to it all the way through since I finished it. Shoutout to my group for making amazing choices about sound effects and music and subject matter! I know we all worked hard on our segments so it was really cool to hear it all together and also get live feedback about it. The way we layered audios in some parts came across well and I think our show was pretty successful! Here are some highlights from listening to our show!

Also, if anyone was wondering about the band I was telling my story about, here they are! I’m pretty sure this is the first song I ever heard them sing actually. I’ve met them many a time and they’re so great! Definitely check them out 🙂

And there we have it! I really enjoyed listening to the other work that our class has done for their radio shows!!! I think we all did a great job and used different approaches to create some cool work.

— RM

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