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When I was little, I used to watch The Sound of Music all the time. The image of Maria spinning in the field with the mountains in the background is burned into my brain. I decided to use this as inspiration for my take on the Colorize It assignment. The assignment tasks you with colorizing a previously taken photo in a new way by changing/enhancing two different colors. Last year I visited my roommate in her hometown, and we drove to go look at the mountains. I used my photo from that trip and the inspiration from The Sound of Music to create this:

I used the photo editor on my phone to edit the photo first, making sure to increase the saturation and brilliance on the entire photo, and then I used the tinting feature to make the mountains bluer and the foliage greener. I decided that I wanted to enhance the colors that were already there and create the same energy as The Sound of Music poster from above. I spent a lot of time playing with the tint colors and the amount of saturation to get the vibrancy that I wanted, and I think it just looks magical. I also think it really brings out the blue in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Here’s a completely unedited photo from that trip!

My grandparents used to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and we would have to drive 4 hours to go see them. I always got incredibly carsick, but I loved the views of the mountains along the way. My grandparents had to leave the mountains and move closer to Richmond a few years ago because my grandpa was having a lot of health issues. It was so heartbreaking for all of us to come to terms with leaving their house in the mountains. I miss going there so so so much. My roomie knows this, so when I went to visit her, she surprised me one day with going here. Best roomie ever, right? We both have a connection to nature and are passionate about mental health, and the mountains just feel like such a happy, joyous, and safe place. Doing this assignment let me relive some of those happy mountain moments that I miss so much.


— RM

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