As I was browsing the assignment bank for projects this week, I landed on one called “A Day in the Life.” You may be familiar with the videos that people have made where they record one second of each day for a year. This assignment is a variation of that idea, where you record a few seconds of every hour for a day in order to get a glimpse into what it’s like to be you. You can find the original assignment post here with the instructions and suggestions. I did my best to record my day, even though it wasn’t very exciting, and here is my finished product!

I prepared for this project by setting a bunch of alarms on my phone for each hour of the day. As I went about my day, reading, going to class, watching TV, and hanging with my cats, I tried to record a few seconds at every alarm, and I also included a few random moments here and there. I often used Snapchat to record my videos because I like the feature it has for zooming in using one hand. The day after I recorded all my videos, I imported them into iMovie. After I got them all in, I realized that the orientation of some of my videos needed to be rotated. I went ahead and did this to some of the videos, like the ones of my TV and my brother’s record player, but then I realized that a lot of my videos were still going to be vertical. In hindsight, I should’ve thought about this when I was recording all of my videos, but it just didn’t occur to me. Because of this, a lot of my videos got cropped and my video isn’t super cohesive because the orientation of the individual videos switches a lot. oops :/

Well once I got past that, I clicked on random things until I kinda figured out how to have audio. I just kept the automatic audio for the theme because I didn’t have time to explore anymore. Then I saved the video and uploaded it to YouTube! My technological takeaways from this assignment are; 1) consider the orientation of your camera BEFORE you film 20 videos for a project, and 2) maybe try to learn about video editing before you embark on an entire project. It’ll be okay though, there’s so much more time to learn!

I think that complete and utter mundaneness of my video really speaks to my personal story though. You can see that there isn’t a whole lot to do over here in Beaverdam during a global pandemic. I literally sit in my house all day, and now that I’m taking classes again, I have only stressful things to occupy my time. Like, can y’all believe I already have a presentation on Martin Luther due next week???? Insanity! But yeah, all of this time alone with myself gives me a lot of opportunities to gauge my mental health and motivation levels. Almost a year into this pandemic, I am still looking for ways to stay busy AND at peace. It’s a difficult balance! School keeps me from wasting my time, but it also presents so many problems. It takes up a lot of my day. I think you can see in my video that taking coffee breaks, reading breaks, and cat breaks keep me sane, as well as taking time to appreciate nature (@ the snow).

This is my life, my existence, my story as it sits right now! I’m just living man, trying to stay grounded and happy in less than ideal situations. I wish you all the best and maybe you’ll see some more of my life soon. Godspeed.

— RM

One thought on “A Day in the Life of RM (online school edition)”

  1. Hello Rosemary! OOoooooOOO I see ur watching TVD 😉
    I think you did a fantastic job on this assignment. In my opinion, the video still looks great to me even with the cropped orientation. This video is so cute! I’m also stressed out because of school.
    Good luck this semester.

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