So I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what this blog is gonna be about, and all I can think about right now is that the Halloween black cat clings on my window are staring at me. I have two black cats and a pumpkin in the window right now, but y’all best believe that as soon as October hits (this coming Tuesday in case you didn’t know) I will have ghosts and more pumpkins and bats and BOOs and just really anything you could hope for. My cousin brought me a present when she visited last week, but she told me I can’t open it until October so stay tuned for an update on hopefully spooky surprises. In other news, my English professor just graded our first papers and I didn’t fail so I’m kinda thriving right now… we’ll see how long it lasts. I also took my first Latin exam last week, but I’m not as confident about that one so we might be going through it again soon. Right now I’m just coasting until fall break, but I’ll let y’all know if anything pressing comes up in the next week. Wish me well, happy spooky szn!