Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! (that’s a That 70’s Show reference) Happy Thursday! I just got done watching some videos about Martin Luther because I have a project on him due next week, and I decided to take a break and look through some of the thoughts on our theme. As I was trying to connect my assignments for this week to our theme, I noticed myself finding little bits or my personality and essence in the actions I was doing.

I was scrolling through some posts and I landed on Megan’s What’s (Y)our Story blog post. She wrote about how there are so many different stories to tell and she is RIGHT! I’ve been trying so hard to make a cohesive image of myself and form a generic outline of who I think I am, but my story doesn’t have to just be one narrative. Megan’s post really got me thinking about how I want to continue this narrative process going forward, and I think I’m getting some relief from her perspective because it takes some pressure off of me. We can write more than one story; we are living so many different stories at once! Just think about Martin Luther. He had his own show going on from his own perspective, and then he became part of so many people’s lives. He’s part of the story of the Reformation, he’s part of the story of European history, and now he’s part of my life’s story too as I desperately try to figure out how I’m going to research and present him.

Anyways, I’m excited by this idea of multiple stories and I hope you guys are too. Megan, thank you for your perspective!! I wish you all the best this weekend and if anyone is a closeted Martin Luther fanatic, now is your time to shine because I am bad at history. Godspeed gang.

— RM

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