What a week! The first week of classes is always a whirlwind, but YOWZA this week was really somethin! When I signed up for this class, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. I got a little nervous looking at the syllabus, but I have to admit, this week was actually super fun! I’m a little technologically challenged (I’m sure we’ll see this as the semester goes on) but I was able to navigate through the social media platforms fairly easily. For my introduction to the class and intro post, I started with Twitter because I already knew how the platform worked. I made a little meme and tweeted these:

follow me @rmdigitally 🙂

Isn’t it always the worst when you have papers and tests on the same day? Tragic! Twitter was easy enough, so I went ahead and set up an Instagram account too. Here’s a gloomy picture I took from the first day of class!


Y’all can follow me @rmdigitally on both of those accounts by the way! Twitter and IG were the easy parts, but I knew posting on YouTube and Soundcloud would present more of a challenge. I set up an account with Soundcloud and then got to brainstorming what I wanted to post. Once I decided to sing, I recorded myself a few times and lined it all up. I spent some time editing it and then I downloaded it as an mp3 file. I didn’t have a lot of difficulties downloading the audio or anything! Then I just clicked on over to Soundcloud and uploaded my audio file and BOOM there’s me singing. I was actually really surprised by how easy it all was. Here’s my little preview of an arrangement of Pentatonix’s Run To You that my friend, Chloe Martin, arranged for our a cappella group, Symfonics.

it’s a little picthy… but you get the jist!

Last but not least, I turned to YouTube to vlog an introduction with my cat. I just recorded it on my phone and downloaded iMove to make some pretty sick jump cuts. I uploaded it and realized that I didn’t really introduce myself at all.. oops! BUT it’s a pretty good snapshot of my brain so, hope y’all enjoy the messiness <3

Making all these posts was easy easy easy!! I will say that embedding everything in a post kinda threw me for a loop for a little while. I realized I was trying to embed Twitter’s code instead of the URL, but Maddie (who is also in this class, hey girl!) helped me walk through it. She stayed on Facetime with me and helped me embed my Soundcloud clip too. What a sweet gal! After she helped me embed everything, I just typed up my post and baddabing baddaboom, ds106 is off and running. We still haven’t figured out how to embed Instagram posts, so if anyone has tips for that I’m all ears!

After I got my introductions all squared away, I turned to my theme post, which y’all can find here. I posted and linked some photos from an Instagram account that makes my brain buzz. I’m not really sure where my story is going yet, but at least we’re starting the process! And that pretty much sums up the week, so I’m excited to see what comes out of ds106, and I’ll catch y’all later!


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