I started thinking about radio shows at the beginning of the week, but I wanted to write about my thoughts after I had more firsthand experience with audio and radio components. I’m a complete novice when it comes to working with sound, and I don’t know a lot about podcasts or radio shows in general. I have a few ideas brewing in my brain though.

My first idea revolved around the “a day in the life” kind of narrative that’s very popular. I imagined this to be more than just cheap sound effects and a recitation of our daily routines though. I think it would be interesting to try to interpret our days using auditory clues because many of us spend all day staring at screens. We don’t listen as much as we could. Along with creating the narrative of a day in the life, I feel like it would be interesting to think about what we hear inside of our own heads. For me, I have an inner monologue that talks to me all day long. I also get songs stuck in my head very frequently, hear quotes from movies or TV shows, and hear ringing from my tinnitus. It might be interesting to have a program revolve around internal sounds rather than external ones!

My other broad idea centers around childhood and how that connects to our story. It’s a Wordsworthian idea that “child is the father of the man” (or mother of the woman) and I think there’s a lot to be explored within that idea. We are all converging at this very moment in an online class about our stories and our collective story. I’m sure everyone has stories from their childhood, certain sounds they remember, important songs, and other things of that nature that could be connected to where they are today. A show that reflects on childhood can go many different routes too because there are many different emotional opportunities that can be considered. You could think about negative memories, flashbulb memories that hold sound, memories of love and happiness, or just funny memories that gear towards comedy.

My ideas are very general and not very developed but I enjoyed thinking about the possibilities surrounding radio, and I’m excited to see what we all create!

— RM

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