Hey friends!!! Check out this poster I made for the radio show I’m working on with Maddy, Jordan, and Madeline!

Since our group is working off of a nostalgic Disney vibe, I tried to really bring that into the design of this poster. Our group had talked about using pastel colors to represent our theme. Here is one of the color palettes we used as inspiration.

pastel colors of the rainbow Color Palette

Maddy and Jordan worked off of our colors and ideas really quickly and put their designs in our group chat, so I used their designs and our group vibe as jumping off points for mine. I used Canva to find a template that I thought would match the fun energy of our theme. I spent a while switching up the fonts and layouts until I felt happy with it and then tried to match the colors we picked as a group. I used the image that Maddy put in her design to make my design cohesive with hers and then just kept playing around with the colors of the elements and the effects of the fonts! I think it turned out really well and looks very fun and light. I feel like it kinda looks like something a teen on the Disney Channel would make for their school club or something lol.

I had a lot of fun making this and it’s getting me excited to keep working on our radio show! Tune in next week for some nostalgic fun!! I’m wishing everyone the best of luck with their projects <3

— RM

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