For my first assignment this week, I decided to pair up with Maddie and write a fun and dramatic little story. The original assignment, called Sharing Credit, involves writing a story with another person through email, and it’s worth 4 stars. Maddie and I decided that writing it through text would be more fun! We drew our inspiration from ABC’s Once Upon a Time because we both love Killian Jones LOL and we also tossed around the idea of the murderous mistresses from Chicago. Here is the product of our creativity.

the next day…

a few days later…


Maddie and I had a lot of fun with this assignment! We met over Zoom to read the assignment and think about what kind of story we wanted to create. We tossed around a lot of ideas before chatting about Once Upon a Time, and then our weird little plotline was born! We stayed on Zoom while we texted back and forth, but we didn’t really say out loud what we were about to text, so the conversation has surprises for both of us. After we finished we laughed for a hot minute, and then I screenshotted my messages to upload here! This was actually a really fun writing exercise because it made me think of how people used to text in like sixth grade, and I’m always always always down to talk to about Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. If you’ve seen Once Upon a Time, you know what I mean.

What a fun time! Thank you Maddie for creating this cringey monstrosity with me!!!! Happy Monday everybody, let’s have a good week 🙂

— RM

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