Hey, guys! We finally finished the last component of our project today! We combined our audio with images of the past year to create our video. Check it out!

To make this happen, we all put images into our Google doc that we had been planning the project in. We aimed for images that represented the experience of COVID and then pictures that look towards the future. Shoutout to Maddy for finding a lot of really cool opensource photos for us to use! After we collected all of our photos, Maddie compiled them into iMovie and created the slideshow. She’s also a superstar for making all the credits and putting it all together. We had a LOT of technical difficulties in this last stretch of our project. Maddie ended up having to save the video without audio and then send it to me. After we got that straight, I put the video back into iMovie on an iPad and added in the audio file. I moved it to the spot that I liked and thanks to Maddie’s expert organization and editing, I think the audio fits pretty perfectly! Then it was done!!! I uploaded it to YouTube and sent some very happy texts in our group chat.

Our video starts in black and white to reflect on the impacts of COVID while Imagine plays. As we fade into Yellow, things start to get brighter! We made this video as a visual representation of what our song is trying to convey. Our entire society moved through the tragedy of COVID together, and now things are finally starting to seem hopeful again. I hope you guys enjoy the video and keep an eye out for my project post that will really dive deep into our project; I finally get to finish telling our story!

See you soon!

— RM

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