For the other projects I’ve done so far, I’ve been using templates and premade designs to make another product. I decided to try to produce something that was more hands on, so I worked on the Create Your Own Logo assignment! This assignment just asks you to design a logo of any kind for any reason. I decided to take this opportunity to think about what kind of logo I would want for my own website. I ended up making a logo and an icon!

this is my logo that I came up with; I’m really not sure why it’s so blurry on here but it’s still cute
this is my icon!! it’s not blurry soooo I’m really not sure what happened but look how cute!

Sooooo I had to set up a blog website last year for my freshman seminar class. When I was doing that, I used the lock screen image from my laptop as the backdrop for my website. I’m a big fan of blues and purples, and I love love love going to the mountains. That image pretty much dictated every other choice I made about my customization of my site. Flashforward to now; I changed the name of my site to fit my RM persona, but I’m still sticking with my blue mountains vibe! (it’s still my lock screen image by the way!)

I wanted my logo and icon to fit this same vibe because I literally look at these mountains every day and I feel very connected to them. Mountains make me think of good childhood memories and the Sound of Music and nature and really just all things wonderful in the world. I kept this in mind while I was designing! I chose blues and purples because they are my favorite colors and I always buy things in blue, purple, or black. I went into Canva and created a new project with the dimensions listed in the customization part of my website control panel. I chose from premade mountain templates and then adjusted the colors, sizing, angles, and shadowing in Canva. After I got my colors and shapes sorted out, I really had to think about what I wanted my logo to say and what kind of font I wanted to represent myself with. I decided to use my digital persona because that’s the narrative I’ve been working on building this semester, and then I spent a million years testing out different fonts.

I knew I wanted a typeface that looked like handwriting because I always try to write everything by hand since I can’t type fast at all. I also have just always loved to look at people’s handwriting because it just feels more personal than other types of font. I finally found a font that I thought was sort of similar to my own handwriting and started testing it out. I made it white because I thought that would look best against my cool-toned mountains and then adjusted the size and positioning until I was happy! I finished my logo first and then went back to create my icon following the same process and working with the same font. Then I just downloaded them as PNGs and uploaded them here!

I think this was a really good exercise to get me more acquainted with Canva, but also to really think about the choices I was making with my designs. I wanted my designs to be super simple but still reflect RM and the website I had already created. I think they turned out super cute and actually really relate to the work I’ve been doing as well as my personal life and my “story.” It has my nickname, cool tones, and mountains soooo what more could you ask for?? Kidding, but I do think they’re a pretty decent representation of RM.

I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the sunshine this week! Be well, friends.

— RM

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