When I started reading the original Brain Pickings post for this week, I quickly realized how easy it would be to fall down many different rabbit holes. Actually, the first time I was trying to read through it, I ended up on some article about Freud and his work. This was interesting to me (being an ex-psych major and all) but I lost the theme of design, so I decided to start over and try to focus a little more. I scrolled and clicked around for a little while and landed in some interesting articles and statements.

First I found an article that discussed the differences between art and design. I hadn’t really thought about the two having different connotations until I started reading it. From what I gather, design is an art form but it has more practicality built-in, like it serves us as a society in a conventional and constant way. There are purpose and intent behind design, and I think it’s more concrete in those aspects than art tends to be. The article also mentioned how design is essential in an economical sense. I hadn’t really considered how crucial design is to marketing and our economy as a whole. It’s very important and requires a lot of thought and creativity!!

I also read an article talking about how design is meant for the vast majority to understand. I took this to mean that design is often open for less interpretation than free art. I think that design can produce more of a clear idea and solution to whatever it’s addressing, whereas art kind of creates a problem within itself with no designated answer. Design is calculated and I don’t think I really saw it as a serious or significant creative outlet before. Another page that I found addressed creativity as a combinatorial force, which I see as being something impactful that is the result of a compilation of ideas, experiences, themes, meanings, modalities, etc. Because design is purposeful, it combines a lot of points into a cohesive product that conveys whatever the designer was going for. Design holds a lot of power!

I think I have a better idea of what design is supposed to be now, but I have a feeling that it will click more as I begin to experiment with my own ideas and intentions through the assignments this week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

— RM

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