To be quite honest, I have very very little experience with photography. I mean I have an iPhone and use Snapchat on the daily, but I think we all know that that means nothing when considering the artistic side of a camera. My family was late to the technology game, so we used a lot of disposable cameras growing up. If you’ve ever used a disposable camera, you know that you pretty much just point the camera in the right direction and hope for the best. That’s pretty much how I take pictures now lol.

My friend Lindsay really has an eye for photography though, so she’s been kind enough to teach me a few things and let me practice with her fancy camera. Between her tips, the knowledge I learned from taking Yearbook in high school, I can take somewhat decent photos sometimes. Looking for different perspectives has always been the easiest photography tip for me to follow, but recently, I’ve been getting better at looking at lighting and adjusting it before I take pictures.

Based on the reading for this week, I think I’d like to try to focus more on being ready for moments to happen. It would also be beneficial for me to think about the intention of my photographs. I often think to myself, “hey that would be a great picture,” but I don’t have a narrative beyond that. I think my thought process needs some work and then maybe we’ll be in business!!

best of luck with all your photos this week friends 🙂

— RM

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