Happy Friday everyone!!!! It’s been quite an interesting week working with design. I started by looking through all the readings and videos, and clicking through the articles with all the hyperlinks! You can read about that experience in my design thoughts post. After I spent some time actually learning about design, (I had no experience and very little knowledge) I went to work on the designblitz! I had a good time looking at different products in my room and thinking about the different aspects of their design. You guys can see my design examples from that activity in my designblitz post.

I also did a few daily creates this week!!

I had fun with this one! it just really seems like something my grandma would have had in the 80s idk
I…. do not like this BUT I had never really experimented with the paint app on my laptop so at least now I can say I’ve used that!
of course I had to include my cats, RIP mr rollie <333
this was a fun little daily create! I didn’t know what I could do that would be original so I made my persona float ๐Ÿ™‚

The first assignment I worked on this week was creating a tapestry that tells a tale. This tapestry is dedicated to my cat, may he rest in peace. You can read about my process and story in my RIP Rollie post.

Next up we have my very novice attempt at creating a wedding invitation. This assignment marks my first ever experience with Canva, so it’s a little rocky lol. You can check out my explanation of this monstrosity in my Wedding Bells post!

This next project was really fun!! I decided to try and make a logo and an icon for my website. I used Canva for this and you can definitely tell I’m getting better!! Y’all can read about the logo and the icon in my RM’s Logos post.

The last assignment I worked on for this week was the poster assignment. This one feels like it’s super connected to me. You guys can read all about the message of my poster and the choices I made in my RM; Posterchild for Inner Peace post.

I actually had a lot of fun working with design this week. I think I had just always assumed that I wasn’t artistic enough or that design would be too hard, so I’ve never tried it before. Canva makes the process super user-friendly, and hopefully, at some point, I will test out GIMP too!! Design is actually a lot more accessible and fun than I thought so maybe I’ll be able to keep with it create some other cool things in the future.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their week and had fun designing; it’s been so interesting looking at all the designs!! Have a good weekend friends and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s radio shows!

Cheers !

— RM

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