Soooo my group has been very on top of things for our show! I’m very proud of us! We started talking in a group chat on Twitter about show ideas and how we wanted to go about the process and we ended up having a Zoom meeting where we talked about the expectations we had for each other. This included making a google doc that set up our own personal deadlines that didn’t match the course expectations. We decided that this first week we would each make a bumper and a commercial to be used in our show and at least start brainstorming what “story” we each want to tell. When we picked the theme of Stories of Our Stories; a trip down memory lane, we were thinking about nostalgia and connections from our younger selves to the narratives we’re living right now! It’s up to each of us to find a story from our childhood that holds a connection for us.

During our initial meeting and composition of the google doc, we started thinking about how we wanted our show to be laid out. We started bouncing ideas off of each other about the placements of different segments, so next week we can actually put everything together! Our group decided that our bumpers and commercials were going to be due by Thursday of this week, the design promo would be due Friday, and our other work for the class was to be done on our own schedules. I ended up working on all of my projects on Monday and then writing up my posts on Tuesday because I wanted to take Wednesday off. I’ve been working with Audacity, Voice Memos, Soundtrap, Soundcloud, YouTube, and BBC for my audio projects and Canva for my design. Here are my bumper and commercial that I finished earlier this week. Madeline has been compiling all of our audios after we send them to her as mp3s to make our final audio track in Audacity next week.

We also made a group chat over text and there we’ve been talking about issues or questions as they come up as well as ideas for color and design! In our nostalgic Disney Channel quest, we landed on this pastel vibe that we all used as inspiration for our designs. Maddy and Jordan actually made their designs first and sent them into the group chat, so I used their designs as heavy inspiration for mine! I also took part of Maddy’s design and pasted it into mine so there could be a solidly cohesive element to our promo.

I’ve finished all the work that my group assigned this week so now I just have to really start thinking about my segment of the show. I have an idea in mind but I’m not sure how I want to work it. We’ve been talking as a group about our stories and I think Maddy already did hers, but our goal is to incorporate sound effects as we tell our stories. My story is going to center around a music festival I went to in the mountains (hence my goofy motion sickness commercial) so I’ll probably start writing out an outline this weekend and go ahead and record my spoken parts so I have plenty of time to edit and add sound effects! Our group has our stories due on Wednesday at the latest so that we can put the show together by Thursday and be done early/ have time for hiccups!

And that’s all I have! We’ve gotten a lot of work done so I’m excited to see how it all comes together 🙂

— RM

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